Etropolis: Mapping The Creative Region

Etropolis is a platform where all creative activities in Dutch technology city Eindhoven and surroundings are laid out. The concept is initiated by the graduation project of Remco van de Craats in 1999. Seven years later, the project is reanimated and set up again in the context of the creative age. According to the makers there is no other goal than bringing the region’s talented people together and creating opportunities.

The site works very easy and gives a good and direct respons. Different coloured dots stand for different types of professions, like design (red), photography (green), drama (blue), music (green) etc. This provides a overview and selection of a particular creative network. A pity is the lack of any geographical information in the map. It would be cool to just see where what kind of offices and professionals work and live. Besides this website, Etropolis works as a real life network in the region of Eindhoven, organising meetings, dinners and opening parties. More about the project on the Etropolis Blog!