'Downhill' Bike Rally In An 11-Floor Building

Red Bull outshines with extraordinary campaigns to promote its energy drink, such as the international Red Bull Air Races and the recently opened venue Rooms of Red Bull in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The brand knows how to reach its audience by perfectly adapting to the Age of Experience. In March, it organised an exciting downhill BMX rally in the empty 11 floor POST CS Building next to Amsterdam’s Central Station, which slightly reminded of an earlier bike race in a subway station in Budapest.

Red Bull invited eight world class bikers to participate in the 400 meter rally, which had its start on the 11th floor and its finish on the ground. Downhill? Downstairs! Instead of tree stumps and branches the warriors were forced to struggle with pieces of concrete and hanging network cables. The rally turned into a completely insane race, won by 22 year old Dutchman Ivo van der Putten. Check out the video below.