Don't Unplug While Recharging

A picture by our friend, photographer Sipke Visser, just to show that some things turn positive in this time of economic crisis and global pollution. Walking through London last week, I stumbled upon this great fuel station for electric cars. It was the first time for me to see such a thing. Electric cars are definitely the future when it comes to private mobility. The exploitation of recharging spots will be decisive for people to decide buying one. The emerge of these innercity recharging stations is therefore very positive for the implementation of the electric car.

Another good thing is that these services are of no risk to the direct environment. This means no chance for explosions and no fuel dropping onto soil. Therefore, they can be installed at every corner of the street, just like a telephone box. The next step in stimulating people to buy a electric car should be to make them look a little fancyer.