DIY Tiny House

First spotted on Designboom, this whimsically illustrated guide on tiny home living is an extreme DIY take on the tiny home trend. The author, Dan Price, built his own tiny house for less than $100! Almost all of the construction materials were salvaged for free and the site is leased at a minimal cost.

Price’s guide details the steps to successfully constructing such a house, starting with numerous test runs in a temporary abode (such as a tent) to see if you’re cut out for such a lifestyle. His mantra is that less house (and material goods) means more personal time to pursue the things that you really love in life. However, it is quickly apparent that his approach is not so well-suited to households of more than one.

But couples and families need not despair as many larger households have succeeded to live happily in tiny homes, although unlikely for less than $100. For those interested in such a lifestyle, Price’s guide is worth a read. While many of the sleek, professionally designed tiny houses are beautiful and don’t require any sweat equity, Price offers very useful tidbits of advice that hit closer to home on the sustainability front — which is a large part of the allure of tiny homes.