Del Popolo: Food Truck Meets Shipping Container

We can’t seem to get enough stories on food trucks and shipping containers. So finding Del Popolo on the Inhabitat site really made us swoon. This is a mammoth of a food truck made from a 20-foot shipping container. It was first dreamed up by veteran pie slinger Jon Darsky of San Francisco and made its street debut this past May.

When Darsky wanted to start his own restaurant he had trouble finding a good space. So he got innovative, went mobile and went (really) big. The truck is large enough to house an authentic 5,000 lb Italian wood-fired oven that cooks up a pizza in just 60 seconds. The siding is glass on one side so you can see the pie slinger in action.

The unique, imposing industrial aesthetic of the truck has garnered a lot of attention on the streets and, paired with delicious pizza pies, Del Popolo has been off to a great start.