Cut Throats On The Move

Business mobility is no longer an abstract idea. Recently we’ve featured cafe franchises on wheels, showers on wheels, offices on wheels and whilst we were paying a visit to Amsterdam’s Food Soul Festival a few weeks ago, we discovered a barber shop on wheels.

The festival itself was a huge congregation of various food trucks inside an old industrial hall, but Salon Le Barber really caught our attention. Housed inside a traditional, wooden caravan is a barber shop, decked out in all the classic decal. The coiffeur behind this crusade provides a full whack of grooming options, including buzzcuts, trims and, of course, the ever-popular cut throat shave.

Salon le Barber

The Food Soul Festival in Amsterdam

The Food Soul Festival in Amsterdam

Not being tied to any fixed address; it may be hard to track down Salon Le Barber. If we had our own business on wheels, we’d probably retreat to the country-side too.