Co-Living Space For Creative Minds In Copenhagen

Cluster buildings for creative industries have become totally normal in our cities. Six entrepreneurs in Copenhagen have plans to take that idea from work to housing. The NEST Copenhagen initiative wants to put creative like-minded people together in the same housing block.

NEST Copenhagen doesn’t exist yet, yet the founders hope to generate enough attention to make the idea happen. They’re currently negotiating with several real estate owners near Nørreport Station and Tivoli, right in the middle of the Danish capital. The building should allow for enough space to let seventeen people participate and have plenty of space left for weekly social gatherings such as networking parties.

NEST Copenhagen

The project goes hand-in-hand with a major trend in today’s cities of what we’d call urban lifestyle pillarization. More than ever before, lifestyle motives play a decisive role in personal choices and consumption behavior of young urbanites. As a result, urban businesses specify their style and branding to fit with these lifestyles. Ordinary laundromats transform into nightclubs and bars, bicycle repair shops have started to serve coffee, and good ol’ supermarkets become neighborhood cooperatives that only sell organic food.