City One Minutes

Want to go on a global drift through various cities at any hour of the day from the comfort of your own home? City One Minutes can make your digital derive a reality. City One Minutes is an online resource which portrays the daily rhythm of a city through one minute videos. Each city is represented through 24 one-minute videos, each video representing a different hour of the day. Want a snapshot of Skopje at 1pm? Click on the link and you will be transported to a train platform where a suited man stares at you intently. Want to know what Hanoi looks like at 5am? Click on the link and you will follow along the morning rush hour of mopeds across a bridge.

Each city is portrayed by a different filmmaker and each filmmaker has portrayed the brief of City One Minutes slightly differently. City One Minutes won’t give you an objective portrait a city, but perhaps more interestingly, a snapshot of the city through one person’s eyes. Later on it will be possible to rate the films and also to create your ideal ‘dream city’ by combining minutes from different cities. Radio one minutes will also become available in the near future.  As a unique form of digital derive, I’m excited to see how this project develops.