Bye-Bye Barista, Hello Espresso-Robot

That heart-shaped crema from the handsome guy behind the counter the other day — remember that? And the cute waitress who was serving you that hot coffee this morning — remember her? These days may soon be over if this little fella proves to be successful: The Briggo Coffee Haus.

Developed by Briggo in conjunction with Yves Behar and Fuseproject, this expresso-brewing robot is currently being tested at the University of Texas and will soon serve you, supposedly, perfect cappuccinos, latte macchiatos and all sorts of other caffeine creations. With a simple click on the touchscreen or your smartphone app this espresso vending machine serves your daily dosage of coffee exactly the way you want it whenever you want it using only high-quality products to ensure the most perfect coffee experience.

Briggo Coffee Haus

Considering the fast-paced world we nowadays live in it does not really come as such a big surprise anymore when even coffee is being digitalized, however, we cannot help but wonder whether this espresso robot will enrich our lives or make our lives accelerate. Indeed, the Briggo Coffee Haus diminishes long cues and the risk of being served cold coffee but do we not all enjoy the atmosphere of a coffee shop that by itself adds a pleasant flavor to any coffee we drink? Keep watching what happens and whether the Briggo Coffee Haus is serious competition for local coffee houses. First location: Bergstrom Airport in Austin, Texas.