Buy Yourself A Piece Of Architecture At The Cityscapes Gallery

How much would you pay for an original model by Rem Koolhaas or a signed sketch of a building designed by MVRDV? The Cityscapes Gallery is a platform that sells original architectural models and sketches as artworks. So it’s possible to buy yourself a little piece of architecture here!

The gallery’s founder, architect Bastiaan Gribling, considers architecture to be art and the city to be a work of art. Sketches of buildings that have never been built and models of towers that never left the drawing table uncover unique and original ideas about the future of the city. Instead of keeping them in the archives far away from the big bad world, they are now sold as artworks for pretty good money.

Some simple but original sketches by Rem Koolhaas for the GEB building will cost €3,000. For a unique 40×40 model of MVRDV’s design for Museo la Coruña you have to pay €20,000. The selection made by the Cityscapes Gallery is primarily based on artistic quality. The art offered is diverse and contains drawings, paintings, prints, models, installations, photos, videos, you name it.

Original sketches by Rem Koolhaas for the GEB building

Cityscapes is a gallery that focuses on the interfaces of art, architecture and the city. The main fascination is the process of city-making, explains Gribling: “The development of the city of the 21st century is primarily a technical and social challenge. But the emerging global metropolis is, above all, a cultural project. Art has always been essential for urbanity.”

40×40 model of Museo la Coruña by MVRDV

Cityscapes does not only sell the artworks in its collection but also shows them in its ‘flying gallery’ which will pop up at diverse locations. The gallery has announced to organize exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad on a regular basis in which it will explore the city of the 21st century.

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