Buy Your City A Landmark

London’s brand-new landmark looks like two cranes making love together. In fact, Anish Kapoor’s 115 meters high structure is clearly meant to add a new icon to the city of London for the occasion of this year’s Olympics.

The ArcelorMittal Orbit is predominantly made out of steel and will soon become an iconic part of the city’s skyline. During the Olympics, the tower will be a main visitor attraction. For £15 visitors can buy a ticket to experience a great view over London. The ArcelorMittal Orbit reached its full height in late 2011. Currently the tower’s interior is being completed. The top floor of the structure will be hosting a restaurant.

The interesting thing is that it’s not the city of London paying for this rather remarkable new icon, but world-leading steel and mining company ArcelorMittal. The tower’s name-giver will fund up to £19.6 million of the £22.7 million project. ArcelorMittal plays a bigger role in London 2012 as it’s the event’s official steel supplier.

‘Marketing is urbanism’ was ranked first in our 2011 trend top 10, and the ArcelorMittal Orbit proves this trend to be a major development in urbanism over the coming years. Playing a substantial role in urban planning becomes increasingly important for brands. World-leading brands increasingly focus on cities and try to become partners in making the city a better place, particularly when it meets their core business. This project is another great example of sponsored urbanism. London got itself a new landmark and ArcelorMittal built a masterpiece of brand promotion, in collaboration with a world-famous artist.