Burn Calories While Working With This Pedal-Powered Workplace

Leuven-based WeWatt created a multifunctional three-seat circular table that’s a workplace and a fitness device at the same time. Stimulating physical activity while working, the company’s WeBike generates electricity to charge your every-day electronic components such as your energy craving smartphone or end-of-battery-life laptop. LEDs in front of every seat indicate the amount of energy generated with cycling.

The WeBike’s seat cover is made from leather waste, and the decorative wood used is taken from cedar waste. The body is built from aluminum and steel. The tabletop is made of High Pressure Laminated sheets (Trespa).

WeWatt’s mission is to stimulate people to exercise, especially in work environments. Physical inactivity in the workspace has been associated with coronary heart diseases, type II diabetes and certain forms of cancer, as well as with many health concerns such as obesity or psychological instability. Studies have shown that daily gentle exercise can have a positive effect on work performance and mental faculties. The WeBike offers an interesting alternative to inactivity.

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