Boxpark Container Shopping Mall Pops Up In Amsterdam

The innovative Boxpark mall in Shoreditch, London has announced to open up a branch in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Boxpark wil be located at the Northern shore of the IJ canal, inside the so-called Lasloods. This building was used as a shipyard but is now being renovated to accommodate Boxpark and other events such as concerts or festivals.

Boxpark NDSM, as this branch will be called, consists of 120 shipping containers laid out in a C-shape throughout the building. Local stores, bars and galleries will be able to set up shop here. The whole project will be developed in collaboration with commercial real estate investor Corio, one of the largest in Europe.

In the summer of 2013 Boxpark NDSM will open its doors to the public. The mall, the largest pop-up shopping center in the world, is only open during the weekends, but there will be activities 24 hours a day. Owner of the London Boxpark, Roger Wade, expects the Boxpark NDSM to be very succesful and draw a lot of attention from both Dutch and foreign tourists.

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