Bottled City Air From Amsterdam

Every city we have lived in or which we have visited leaves us with a thousand memories. The most beautiful sites, spots and views, its distinct sounds, people we’ll remember forever, and… the smell?

Air from Amsterdam is a startup that hooks you up with the finest blends of air from Amsterdam. Wait, what? That’s right: plain and simple air, caught in Amsterdam.

As of now, Air from Amsterdam offers two blends. One of them is Pure Unfiltered City Air. Collected by drones in various parts of Amsterdam’s canal belt, this blend embodies the soul and spirit of the city. The other, Distinct City Smell, captures that one peculiar characteristic of Amsterdam in a particular odour. You know what we are talking about here…

The bottles, €15 each, contain 0.5 liters quality air, and have a unique number because of their limited stock. Air from Amsterdam can be a gift for family and friends who have never visited the city, providing them with a little sneak peek of the Dutch capital. Or, what to think of people who left Amsterdam and are homesick? It allows you to relive your memories, or even better, get excited about going back.

More and more, we experience some sort of commodification when it comes to sensory aspects that define a place or city. Both visitors and residents value more special memories of a city than a simple photograph. Air from Amsterdam was preceded by projects such as Siroop Rotterdam (Rotterdam-grown wild vegetation syrup), Eau d’Amsterdam (elm tree perfume) and Amsterdam Canal Aqua (bottled canal water).