Mobile Snapshots By Nalden

Last week a nice little book fell on my doormat. It’s the first publication of Amsterdam-based blogger Nalden. Mobile Snapshots: From Blogger to Brand is an extended photo diary entirely consisting of pictures that Nalden took with his phone. Taking you on a trip down memory lane, the book shows Nalden’s evolution from an ordinary blogger to a brand. Well, in fact it’s not a book but rather a stack of iPhone-shaped cards with a photo on the front and a short description on the back of every card. The book comes in a neatly designed black box.

Seven years ago Nalden (real name: unknown) started blogging about new music, design, art and lifestyle from his parents’ house in a suburb near Amsterdam. Now he’s an influential man living a largely sponsored life, and companies like Nike and Vodafone are happy to work with him and advertise on his website with unique and beautiful fullscreen background ads — a concept he invented himself. Mobile Snapshots shows a collection of moments in Nalden’s “hilarious” life: how he became Amsterdam’s most famous blogstar who attracts large numbers of visitors to his website, what it took to take himself there and what it resulted in. Think of encounters with movie stars and piles of free sneakers, but also his involvement in two great start-ups, WeTransfer and Kuvva.

The book, which also presents Nalden’s ten commandments of how to get the most out of your life, is a great source of inspiration for everyone who needs a decent ass kick. Check it out.

Mobile Snapshots: From Blogger to Brand
Lebowski Achievers, Amsterdam
220 pages
ISBN: 9789048808663
Price: € 16.50