BLA BLA Presents: Your Very Own Pop-Up Movie!

BLA BLA is an interactive movie installation by Montreal-based director Vincent Morisset. It has been presented in museums in Rotterdam and Tokyo, but in Montreal it was set up outdoors for the first time as part of the International Digital Arts Biennial.

A glowing platform enables the public to interact with the movie. It also lights up the participants in colours that correspond to the action on the screen. This draws more spectators as they can follow the various interactive elements of the installation.

“BLA BLA is an interactive tale that explores the fundamental principles of human communication. The viewer makes the story possible: without him or her, the characters remain inert, waiting for the next interaction.”

You can check out the online version here, although, a lot of the fun comes from having a pre-assembled audience to witness your creative genius as you craft your own pop-up movie.