Be Nice To A Girl, Buy Her A Ring

After fashion design had to save Amsterdam’s Red Light District back in 2008, now it’s the jewellery designers turn. Talented jewellery makers were given cheap spaces in former hooker cribs to work and sell their products. All with the rather silly idea that this stimulates tourism in Amsterdam. Ted Noten, one of the leading jewellery designers in The Netherlands, has developed a jewellery ‘pull wall’ located close to the small rooms where girls still perform their original jobs. For only 2,50 euros, red rings, designed by Noten, can be bought at the former snack vending machine, to be given to a red light girl or as a present to your wife. According to Designboom this installation was launched last year. The fact that we haven’t noticed this rather nice idea before, can’t only be explained from the fact that we don’t visit this area too much.