Architects Turn Disused Parking Garages Into Pop-Up Homes

Hackney-based architecture studio Levitt Bernstein has won a housing competition with a proposal to turn disused parking garages in London into flexible homes.

The competition, organized by the Building Trust, asked architects and (urban) designers to come up with ideas to tackle the shortages of affordable single-occupancy housing. Levitt Bernstein’s idea suggests instant transformation of empty parking garages in Hackney into houses for homeless people by insertion of pre-fab structures. The structures allow for easy assembling and can be inhabited immediately.

“Previously inactive street fronts have the potential to be brought to life and valuable redundant spaces can be transformed. With careful planning these simple housing solutions provide the opportunity to deliver unique housing solutions to our densely populated city.”

The architects estimate the costs per housing united to be some £13,000. An individual pop-up home consists of a bedroom and shower room. Every fifth unit is a communal laundry, kitchen and dining area. After their useful life, the components are demountable and reusable. Levitt Bernstein is currently working with the Building Trust to turn the drawing table plans into reality. Click here for a PDF with a detailed plan.