Apartment Building Gets Farm-To-Table Food Service

A real estate developer in New York City sees a new business opportunity in exclusive farm-to-table food deliveries for residents.

PSFK explains this project was initiated in order to stimulate a more healthy lifestyle among urban dwellers. The Albanese organization, a NYC-based real estate developer, decided to start this business in three buildings located in Battery Park City. After residents have signed up for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership, they receive weekly fresh deliveries from Holton Farms based in Vermont.

There are all kinds of ecological farm-to-city food services in the world, and their number is growing. However, the majority of these services deals with fruit en vegetables only and serves preselected items. This concept is different, as it serves the ingredients of a complete healthy meal including meat and fresh dairy. In addition, customers can customize their orders each week through an online portal and choose which farm their products will come from. Furthermore, the farm passes by with an entirely mobile neighborhood shop in the weekends — a sidewalk market for the apartment inhabitants. Luxist explains more about products and prizes:

“Holton Farm’s fresh inventory changes depending on what is in season. Their offerings generally include varieties of vegetables; herbs; fruits; grass-fed cows, pigs, lambs, chickens and turkeys; cage-free eggs; and hormone-free milk. They also offer other high-quality products such as maple syrup, honey, bread and cheese from a number of neighboring farms and local artisanal producers. (…) Residents who are not available during the truck’s drop-off hours at their building can have orders left with the concierge for proper storage and later pick-up. More than 50 families from the three buildings have joined the CSA Select Program this season, and dozens more from the surrounding neighborhood stop by the truck each week. Membership levels range from $250-$1,000.”

Interesting about the concept is the involvement of a real estate developer, who wisely aims to make his apartments more attractive by offering a service level which specifically fits with the profile of the inhabitants. A lot of apartments in less attractive areas are doing really bad at the moment. Property investments here go down the drain as a consequence of vacancy. This project is a sign that a real estate company can do something to stop neighborhoods fall down. This is a great idea, which will not only work in New York City, and a first step towards more lifestyle-based apartment concepts.