An Electric Plywood House On Wheels

Designer Jay Nelson has created a nice electric camper called The Golden Gate. Measuring 96″x54″x64″, The Golden Gate is a little, one-person movable house on wheels that can drive up to ten miles on a charge and goes up to 20 m/ph. The interior consists of a kitchen with sink, stove, cooler, storage cubbies, toilet, a bed and storage below the bed. The cabin’s design is great for outside-the-city traveling purposes such as surfing. All of its controls are in the steering wheel. The driver sits cross-legged while operating the vehicle.

This remarkable vehicle, that was spotted by PSFK, is made of fiberglass, epoxy resin, plywood, glass, bike parts and electric motor materials that — are often used by Nelson for other designs. Most prominent is the house’s form that somehow reminds us of the Dymaxion Car by good old Buckminster Fuller. Be sure to check out the amazing Camper Boat or Ukiah Treehouse if you want to see more of Jay Nelson’s work.