An Amphibious Quickie Through Amsterdam's Canals

What to do when having some spare time at the airport of Amsterdam? From July 20 it will be possible to take a bus to the historical city, do a canal tour and be back for your flight in only two hours. A quickie to Amsterdam without transferring once, all thanks to the innovative Amfibus.

Boat tour company Lovers will launch this first amphibious tour bus. The Floating Dutchman is a new tourist attraction in Amsterdam, and perhaps the most spectacular and compact way to see the city. The Floating Dutchman starts at Schiphol Airport, there it takes the road to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, the bus splashest into the canals and floats past famous landmarks and famous canals. Afterwards you will be brought back to Schiphol. It’s interesting how a city can be innovative in exploiting heritage, Amsterdam’s most important attraction.

Schiphol is one of the leading airports in Europe in terms of transfers. This initiative offers the opportunity to experience the city by a spectacular amphibious tour to the millions of passengers with a transfer time of at least five hours. The Floating Dutchman complies with all legislation for both touring cars as well as canal boats. When sailing it’s also emission-free. A tour in the Floating Dutchman will cost some 39 euros for adults and can be booked online. This initiative is a great one. It might help the airport to remain one of Europe’s leading transfer airports. I could think of some other quickies that could help bored travelers to experience some of Amsterdam’s most remarkable cultural institutions.