All Aboard Chicago’s Party Train!

Forget the party bus, or even the disco taxi. If you really want to party in style, you should rent yourself a private party train. Just give your birthday, wedding (or whatever it is you’re celebrating) that little extra by inviting all of your friends to come aboard on this awesome party train.

Chicago is one of the latest cities that follows this trend. Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) offers their L Trains for parties outside rush hours. What is cool about renting a party train is that it takes you all across the city, from one side to another, while sliding between the city’s old buildings. Since these trains are running on elevated rails, this party could literally take you to higher spheres.

Party train Chicago

As CTA notes on their website, if you rent a train, it’s your party to throw. You’re completely free in decorating the train, getting your favorite DJs, or invite an entire orchestra — almost anything is allowed. The one exception? You’re not allowed to bring alcohol. But hey, who needs that? Although not all of us have the money right away, renting your own party train isn’t crazy expensive — prices start around $1,800 and depend on the size and length of the event.

Party train Chicago

As the trains can accommodate for 35 of your friends, you might wanna think about organizing a joint party in one of these sick trains. If you would decide to do so, there’s a good chance that we would nominate you for one of the best parties of the year. So, All Aboard Chicago’s Party Train!