Adverpainting: Living In A Business Model

Remember Adzookie, that service that helps people with mortgages they can’t afford any more? Adzookie transforms your house into one big advertisement. In exchange the advertiser pays your killing mortgage. This enables people that got into trouble as a consequence of the financial crisis to stay in their houses. The house will be painted back to its original colors as soon as the deal ends.

The concept seems to be popular as Adzookie has received some 33,000 applications from families that would like their house to become a billboard, in order to get out of mortgage trouble. On Adzookie’s Facebook page you’ll will find lots of people presenting their houses as the ideal object for ‘adverpainting’. Since our last post about Adzookie, the firm has changed name into Brainiacs from Mars (not clear why), which resulted in the first family that got their house painted in the orange and green colors of the firm’s corporate identity. They seem to be happy with it. We’re awaiting results of other paint jobs…

While the economic crisis seems not to be solved yet, new banking products to speculate with mortgage and properties are being developed, such as the REX Agreement documents that enable people to speculate on increase or decrease of their property, with certain risks of course. For those who don’t want to take any financial risks but rather prefer a conflict about esthetics with their neighbors, Adzookie’s ‘adverpainting’ is a great opportunity to get out of trouble.

The enormous amount of applicants for a house paint job tell us that people are willing to go far to save their house from foreclosure. Lately we reported about a Bangkok project that enables you to actually live in a billboard. The so-called Billboard House is an apartment instantly transformed into a billboard, which will finally save you enormous rent costs when you live in the center of the most dense urban areas. The Billboard House also looks pretty interesting from an interior design point of view.