Advanced Seed Bombs By Jin-Wook Hwang

You might know the seed bomb. Yeah, those small clay balls loaded with seeds. After being dropped in public space, rain will melt the clay to expose the seeds, and the bombs will grow. Seed bombs are fun and an easy way of guerrilla gardening.

Designer Jin-Wook Hwang from South Korea came up with the idea of replanting and reforesting arid areas using seed bombs. The bombs disassemble themselves after being airdropped, allowing the smaller seed-carrying pods inside to spread and cover an area. A pod contains soil and nutrients to stimulate the seeds to germinate and grow. They function as mini-greenhouses, giving the seeds and seedlings the warmth and protection needed to grow into strong plants before being exposed to the harsh environment outside. The pod biodegrades as soon as the seedling grows into a full plant.