A Swiss Apartment In A Box

Some people like luxury, also when camping. Now it’s possible to bring a complete apartment on vacation, thanks to a Swiss design firm who have designed the SwissRoomBox.

Springwise describes this new invention as the Swiss army knife among the apartments. The box is deep red, the same color as the remarkable knife, and has as many options, extensions and possibilities that will transform your car into a multi-functional home on board.

When packed this portable modular living system fits in a set of boxes that can be placed in a normal single family car, which makes it very easy to transport. When unfolded the box contains all necessary objects that makes camping as comfortable as home, or perhaps as comfortable as the life of your campsite neighbor who does own a camper. The system, which reminds us of Casulo’s Room In A Box, has plenty of options. It contains a double bed, a dining table with chairs and a pair of lounge seats, but it even contains a kitchen with a sink and and a bathroom complete with a shower, a shower curtain and a 12.5 liters reservoir.

Within 15 minutes the whole installation can be set up without any supplementary tools. Electricity comes from the car’s battery, and powers equipment such as the pump, the water boiler and the optional add-ons such as the fridge, and iPod and computer chargers. The battery though will always leave a little energy (11 volts) to start the car’s engine for the next ride. The SwissRoomBox is currently only shipped to Europe. Prices start at CHF 8,630.