A Stylish Modular Cart For Boston Street Vendors

Design agency RadLab was commissioned to create a new modern pushcart to be used by street vendors in downtown Boston.

Boston has a long history of street vending. Vendors have always used traditional pushcarts and wagon wheels carts. Designed by RadLab, the so-called Modular Urban Vending (MŪV) cart is meant to make life of street vendors easier and make their businesses more sustainable.

The MŪV provides complete freedom to the vendor. It’s mobile and has a completely customizable interior, thanks to a special track-and-bolt system. This enables vendors to display products the way they think is best for their business. When it rains, vendors can adjust the interior to protect their products. A dedicated storage unit inside the carts gives them a place to store their valuable items and earnings.

The restyling operation of the street vending cart in Boston’s main economic center was commissioned by non-profit corporation Downtown Boston Business Improvement District, which aims to improve the retail experience in this area. The new carts are fresh and appealing and clearly recognizable, which leads to confidence to the customer and, hopefully, more sales to the vendor.