A Pop-Up Forest At Times Square

Yes, forests can now just pop up somewhere! You only have to start a campaign on Kickstarter (running until April 17th) to secure the funding and then, maybe 1.5 years later, in June 2016, your idea of a forest at Times Square will be brought into reality.

Initiator of this project is urban ecologist Marielle Anzelone. She wishes to transform the brightly illuminated landmark into a lush oasis — even if only for three weeks. Her installation ‘PopUP Forest: Times Square’ would bring shipping containers loaded with soil, trees and flowers along, with sounds of birds and wildlife to one of the the world’s most crowded places.

With the pop-up forest, Anzelone hopes to eventually create a more permanent installation of greenery in downtown New York, and to show how important it is to protect the remaining natural areas in the city.