A Korean Hair Saloon For Barbie And Ken

The architects of M4 have designed a great hair styling saloon called Permy Mi Jang Won in the Suji-Gu district in Seoul, South Korea.

Suji-Gu is a rapidly developing suburb of Seoul that attracts lots of upper-class people due to the new Samsung East Palace that was built here in 2010. The Permy hair saloon has a very quirky, sweet and poppy interior as if it were built for the real-life versions of Barbie and Ken.

The designers of M4 have used only two colors to design the entire saloon — white and sky blue. This gives the store a natural and pleasant feel, explain the designers Young-Sub Yun and Kwang-Hyun Han on Frameweb.

Also from the outside the saloon is a feast for the eyes. The overwhelming lighting concept with translucent upside-down bins, the color and the open structure of the facade, enables the shop and its style to communicate with the public space. It’s also hard to tell if the facade is extended to create more space or just transformed to make it look different. The saloon has different spaces for hair styling, relaxation and inspiration looks very futuristic, clean and stylish and make it a trendsetter for future hair style saloons.

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