A Fragile Shelter In The Woods Of Hokkaido

Small cabins in the middle of nowhere gain popularity. Not only to semi-permanently live in, or as a part of a decentralized hotel, but also as event spaces.

The Japanese architecture firm Hidemi Nishida Studio has created this so-called Fragile Shelter, a temporary construction in the Sapporo Art Forest in Hokkaido, Japan. Hidemi Nishida Studio is specialized in feather-light constructions with plastic as a main construction material. Great examples are this Fragile Shelter but also their piece of inflatable architecture called Occupied.

The Fragile Shelter, which is made of wood, translucent plastic, is warmed by a wood burning stove. Although the the pavilion has no walls but only a thin piece of plastic separating inside and outside space, people gather here and diverse events are being organized. The spot is pretty multi-functional — local students throw parties and from time to time local kindergarten children use the shelter for lunch. Although there seems to be no preset function of the place, it’s spontaneously used by diverse groups of people at different moments during the day. Illuminated during the night, the shelter looks like a cozy greenhouse in the middle of the spooky woods.

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