A Floating Plugin Park

Plugin Park

Joop recently wrote about the floating camping in Sausalito Almere by the Amsterdam-based ‘floating everything’ gurus that are working on these kinds of concepts since the late sixties. Their website contains some nice projects. For example the floating garden slash park you see in the picture above. This ‘plugin park’ could have big potential in dense urban environments.

The picture is taken in the Eastern Docklands district in Amsterdam, a typical middle class family neighbourhood. Here you can find plenty of water, but almost no green. Which is a mistake by the urban planners who considered ‘blue’ as ‘green’ on their drawing tables. This lack of nature is one of the disadvantages of the neighbourhood, which is though a Mecca of modern Dutch architecture. An easy-to-assemble floating plugin park could therefore perfectly function as an extension to the neighbourhood that provides people with an instant desired piece of nature. Young kids want trees to climb in. When they get older you could just replace the park with a floating football cage. Sim-ple.