A Digital Stroll Along The Waterfront

Today in the affordable vacation category, we have Maraya. The interface allows the user walk down digital ‘paths’ comprised of photographs of waterfront developments. Don’t like the path you see? You can create your own and share it with others. Neat!

The creators are based out of Vancouver, so a large quantity of the things you’ll find along the digitised pathway are along the Terminal City’s waterfront (and, as Lydia Heard suggests, the waterfront is an important aspect of urban liveability in Vancouver). But, look hard enough and you might find yourself along the palm-lined seawalls of Dubai!

Go take a look and make a path of your own! Feel free to share your paths with us on Facebook, or you can tweet your paths to Pop-Up City World Headquarters (@popupcity) or your humble path-maker (@adamnowek).