A Cottage In A Day

Considering the many examples of countryside-like places filled with modular buildings that I’ve seen so far, it seems that flexible quick-build architecture is slowly becoming more widely accepted.

The funny thing is, 90 percent of those ingenious creatures are simply bargains. For example, have a look at the project ‘A Cottage in a Day’ I found a nice article about on a blog called ‘A Continuous Lean’. A Cottage in a Day is a company that developed great selfbuild cottage homes in collaboration with architect Michael Fitzhugh.

“According to the company, once all the components arrive,  setup can be done in a few hours”, the author of the article writes. The energy-efficient homes are designed and built with under-floor storage, heating and air conditioning, bamboo flooring and natural wood walls. The builders also offer a set of optional features, like a fireplace, a full loft with movable ship’s ladder and an outdoor shower. Prices start from $ 52,000. Sounds nice, huh?