360° Langstrasse Zürich: Strolling By Scrolling

Zürich’s Langstrasse is the life line of Switzerland’s most wicked urban neighborhood. The area accommodates the city’s red light district and is known for its multi-cultural character. Under the name 360° Langstrasse Zürich, the documentary makers of SF DOK created a brilliant web documentary that provides a look into the life of entrepreneurs, families and other urbanites that inhabit this extraordinary district. Their creation allows people to digitally visit, walk and explore the Langstrasse in a way you haven’t seen before. Strolling by scrolling!

The website enables you to walk back and forth by scrolling back and forth. Along the trip, which is accompanied by an urban soundscape recorded in the Langstrasse itself, the latest tweets about the street pop up, as well as shops, restaurants and other amenities that are physically located in the Langstrasse. Clicking on such as spot allows you to take a 360° look inside. Click on the moon icon in the right top corner to check out how the street looks and feels at night. In my opinion, 360° Langstrasse Zürich is an outstanding example of city marketing. The way the street is digitally represented makes you actually want to go there. Click here to check out the web documentary, it’s highly recommended.