165 Artists Turn Old Bank Into Five-Story Art Experience

What happens when you give 165 artists ‘carte blanche’ regarding an old, abandoned bank? Well, in this case, they turned it into a jaw-dropping, five-story art experience.

The Haus is a former bank in Berlin neighborhood Kurfürstendamm, that has recently been transformed into a building filled with all sorts of art. In total, 165 (street) artists from over 70 countries have contributed to turn this massive grey structure into a vibrant, colorful and lively experience.

At each of the five floors, numerous art projects, ranging from installations to paintings and from statues to interactive art projects. Some noticable art projects: an Indian brothel look-a-like with Virtual Reality glasses that lets you experience it ‘real life’, or a fake supermarket selling products with similar packings to the ones of cigarettes. Or, how about a no phone zone, that forces you to experience art through your senses, and not your Instagram filter?

The project was initiated by renowned German street artists Kimo, Bolle and Jörni. Their projects are always non-profit and realized through collaborative efforts with a worldwide network of artists. They feel it’s their quest to give (street) art the credits it deserves. For that reason, the participating artists didn’t get paid, neither is the art for sale. It’s all about the art.

The Haus is a clear-cut example of temporary use of space, as it was open until June this year. The building will be torn down to create space for new residential appartments. So, if you were planning to bring a visit to The Haus, you’re unfortunately too late. However, word is that the artists are looking for a place to create another The Haus…