IKEA Is Taking On Micro-Living In A Big Way

IKEA has recently released their third annual Life at Home Report, which covers home-related trends throughout the world. This years report extends upon the truth that millenials are living in smaller places, at higher costs and no longer perceive home as a stable, permanent place.

More than ever, our world is becoming increasingly interconnected. We are travelling further, both virtually and physically and feel much less obligated than prior generations to stay put. People are more likely to seek services and opportunities outside their own home rather than investing in home-based access. We are pushing the boundaries of private and public and are more likely to be found doing our work at a coffee shop rather than at our home desk.

Life at Home Report

IKEA is using the information gathered to try to make it all the easier to enjoy the comforts of home regardless of size. They have released a series of small space ideas for making the most out of tiny rooms to maximize storage and flexibility. The business has also been testing affordable, movable wall concepts to create more opportunities in apartments built with only one or two rooms.

Life at Home Report Life at Home Report Life at Home Report

Knowing that technology is becoming more and more integrated into our every day lives, IKEA has also been busy creating products to match this way of life, such as lamps which double as wireless charging spots. As small spaces continue to take over the housing market in a big way, it’s interesting to know that retailers such as IKEA are working towards making these solutions as livable as possible.

This article is a part of our series on micro-metropolitan living concepts around the world. We have recently received a grant from the Dutch Creative Industries Fund to explore this trend further and will be sharing our findings via Pop-Up City throughout the upcoming months.