Hand-Drawn Paris

Illustrator and map maker Jenni Sparks, in cooperation with the printing company Evermade, just finished her latest creation, presenting another lovely hand-drawn city map. After creating lovely maps of London, New York, San Francisco and Berlin, she drew an amazingly detailed map of the city of Paris.

The map doesn’t depict the exact cartographical truth of the French capital, but through the added metro lines it gives a rough overview of the location of the city’s boroughs and neighborhoods.

Paris map by Jenni Sparks

The actual focus of the map lies on the cultural features Paris is famous for. Architectural highlights such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre are pictured, and the worldwide known fashion and cosmetic houses are drawn next to the typical ‘café au lait & croissant’ cafés, bistros serving red wine and French cheese shops.

Paris map by Jenni Sparks Paris map by Jenni Sparks Paris map by Jenni Sparks

Interested in seeing more hand-drawn maps of world cities? Be sure to visit Jenni Sparks’s website to see all the maps that she has created so far, and to get one of those yourself!