Can Brands Be City-Makers?

On Thursday 2 June, Amsterdam’s Pakhuis De Zwijger will set the stage for BrandFundCity — a night about the role of brands in city-making.

Brands and cities are increasingly working together on solving urban issues combined with brand exposure. ‘Brand urbanism’ is what we call this trend in urban development, and Pop-Up City has been following it up close. What does this trend mean for the design of cities? Is it a clever way of financing urban challenges, or does it lead to a further commercialization of urban space? Some exemplary brand urbanism cases have been featured here in the past:

De Koninck Uitbus

Belgian Brewery Provides Night Buses In The City Of Ghent

A public-private partnership was started in the Belgian city of Ghent. The municipal government decided to collaborate with De Koninck beer brewery to maintain the public transport service at night. The company that provided public transport in Ghent, De Lijn, had to cancel the night services due to budget cuts so the municipal government and De Koninck took over most of the costs. Read more →

Couleurs Carolo

Let’s Paint The World’s Ugliest City

With the project Couleurs Carolo, the Dutch company AkzoNobel aims to support the Belgian city of Charleroi to become a bit more colorful. The world-leading corporation, that obviously earns its money with producing paint, invests loads of money to add some color to the city that has been ‘officially’ declared the most ugly town in the world. Read more →

Barclays Cycle Superhighways

London’s Cycle Super Highways Get Barclays Blue

British consumer bank Barclays sponsors London’s Cycle Super Highway system, and also lends its corporate color to the project. Read more →

During the event on 2 June 2016, organized by Pop-Up City, Urban Jungle and Pakhuis De Zwijger, several international speakers are invited to share their vision on the trend and experience in the field. For more info and to RSVP, click here!