Bloggers In Residence: Pop-Up City Goes Dublin

Today, Pop-Up City will be leaving its Amsterdam HQ to temporarily set up shop in Dublin as the city’s Bloggers in Residence! Hosted by Pivot Dublin, Joop and I are excited to be heading to Ireland’s capital to experience, explore and blog about unique and crispy themes, issues, and initiatives that are coming right from the heart of the city’s vibrant design community.

Our readers are used to Pop-Up City’s daily stream of the most creative, bottom-up trends and ideas in urbanism: local initiatives that have the potential for re-use in other cities and global impact. In Dublin, we will be scrutinizing the urban landscape to survey the city’s trendsetters, culture makers, and most influential initiatives. What does Irish bottom-up urbanism look like, and how can the world learn from it? Stay tuned to Pop-Up City between April 4th to 18th for a special series of 10 dedicated articles about Dublin and its take on creative, bottom-up urbanism and culture!

The legacy of Dublin’s World Design Capital 2014 bid has left plenty of space for interesting ideas and stories that need to be spread. We will also be there during the OFFSET festival, one of the world’s most important creative events, that will showcase the very best of Irish and international designers, animators, illustrators, advertisers, artists, photographers and more. Meet us on Sunday at 12 PM in the Second Room!

The Bloggers in Residence program is a wider initiative that invites international bloggers who write about a variety of relevant subjects, to temporarily live in a different city and report on anything interesting that relates to the theme(s) of their blog. The idea is to harness the potential of bloggers to explore and highlight a city’s design and cultural treasures. Thanks to great support of Pivot Dublin, Pop-Up City in Dublin will be the first edition of the Bloggers in Residence project.