22 Hotel Rooms Built From Trash In Mannheim

Have you ever traveled to a city and had trouble deciding which hotel to choose? You wanted it to be central, but you also wanted it to be near nature or maybe have a source of water nearby. If you’d have paid a visit to the German town Mannheim this spring, you wouldn’t have to stress about that. Hotel Shabby Shabby was offering 22 temporary rooms spread all around the city, each one on its unique location.

The hotel was envisioned by architecture collective Raumlabor for the Theater der Welt festival, which took place past May in this southwestern German city. Rooms that were available for booking during the 17 days of festival were built using materials found on Mannheim’s streets by architecture students from all around Europe. To use recycled materials was one of the rules Raumlabor set out for student contestants, the other was to stay on a strict budget of €250.

Hotel Shabby Shabby Hotel Shabby Shabby Hotel Shabby Shabby

Participants came up with 22 ideas for one-of-a-kind hotel rooms that were built in the construction camp near Theater der Welt and later transported to unexpected locations across the city. There was a room set up in a fountain, one on the rooftop of a house and one build around the statue of German writer and philosopher Friedrich Schiller, who kindly offered his hand as a clothes hanger.

Hotel Shabby Shabby Hotel Shabby Shabby Hotel Shabby Shabby

The pop-up rooms gave residents of Mannheim an opportunity to be guests in their own city, maybe see it in a new angle, and wake up to the sound of singing birds in Luisenpark, river waves on the bank of the river Neckar, or to a breathtaking view. International guests were welcome as well.