Vending Machines For Bike Parts


Most of the new-generation cycling cities lack a traditional bicycle culture, with no bike lanes, no bike parking facilities and no bike repair shops on every corner of the street. This makes it pretty frustrating to use the bike for daily routine trips. The guys behind New York-based Bikestock have launched a solution for at least one of these problems: vending machines for bike parts on the street.

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IKEA Launches Flat-Pack Modular Refugee Shelter

IKEA refugee shelter

With plenty of experience in manufacturing prefab design, IKEA has launched a modular refugee shelter that can be set up in only four hours at any place in the world. The light-weight construction comprises of a steel frame with insulated light-weight polymer panels and comes flat-packed in a cardboard box, like all IKEA furniture. The panels, pipes, connectors and wires can be assembled pretty easily thanks to a classic IKEA manual.

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Community Currencies And Bartering Models Take Root In Greek Cities

A bazaar in the city of Volos where people can exchange products for TEMs

Last January we highlighted the emerging phenomenon of alternative and DIY currencies in cities across the globe. These currencies have been developed by people who wish to see their economy and society through a different scope — more humanitarian, more social. The financial crisis has boosted further development of new peer-to-peer-oriented economic systems in different parts of the world.

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Three Inspiring Urban Sharing Concepts

Fruit Fence

Whether it be the emergence of GPS-enabled smart phone applications that promote a sense of tactile-ownership over the city, or the necessity caused by global economic crisis, a major trend toward do-it-yourself, bottom-up urbanism has emerged. All over the world, citizens are taking responsibility for the form and functionality of urban space. Together, we are building our own infrastructure, creating our own services and truly taking the city into our own hands. To get us inspired for the upcoming Stadsklas, let’s take a closer look at some of the ‘best of’ these bottom-up strategies for new-style urban development.

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Three Inspiring Examples Of Greek Crisis Urbanism


Much has been written about how the economic crisis and recession affect the practice of city-making. It seems that economic crisis, especially in the countries of the Mediterranean, is also translated into a severe urban crisis. Greek cities have been suffering from poor public-led urban planning strategies, even before the economic downfall. However, there seems to be a vivid call for bottom-up initiatives that are able to directly improve urban conditions. NGOs, citizens, private agencies and also institutions start to engage themselves in new-style urbanism initiatives — step by step, place by place. Conquering the negative mood and stimulating public dialogue, all kinds of interesting projects pop up, both in Greek cities and the periphery. In this article we present a selection three inspiring examples of bottom-up urbanism that fight the negative atmosphere imposed by the Greek economic (let alone) crisis.

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Dublin Warehouse Transforms Into A Member Club For Makers


Mabos is the name of a warehouse in Dublin’s docklands area, that has been turned into a very special location for all kinds of urban niche activities. We spoke with initiator Dave Smith about his idea behind this multi-functional maker space, which hosts a wide variety of events ranging from women-only skateboarding events to robotic workshops, do-it-yourself furniture making classes and late-night BYOB parties.

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