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Sjors De Vries On Next-Level City-Making In The Netherlands

Sjors de Vries

Sjors de Vries is a Dutch urban planner and founder of RUIMTEVOLK (‘Space People’) a leading online discussion platform about planning and urbanism in the Netherlands. We spoke with him about the current state of planning in the Netherlands, the best ways to upscale cute and small initiatives to make them serious improvements to the city, about the power of online media in city-making and the role of their platform. “We see it as a very important task for urban professionals to establish connections and coalitions with other disciplines in order to solve the next big urban issues.”

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Breathing New Life Into Vacant Buildings — A Talk With Caroline Vrauwdeunt

De Stedenfabriek is currently looking for creative concepts to revitalize the industrial Lasloods on the NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam (click here for more information)

Caroline Vrauwdeunt is not an architect, planner, or designer — you’d better call her a city-maker. Vrauwdeunt started her career working for a bank, but it didn’t give her enough satisfaction. After finishing a Law degree she worked as a legal expert and project manager for the City of Amsterdam and the Dutch province of North Holland for almost fifteen years. In 2012 she decided to start for herself and become a social entrepreneur with her company Nowadays she and her newly founded project De Stedenfabriek (The City Factory) breathe new life into neglected urban spaces. We spoke with her about her inspiration, co-creation, and entrepreneurial city-making.

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  • Spacified: A Dating Website For Pop-Up Spaces


    Patrice Fleurquin is founder of Spacified, an online (and offline) matchmaking service for (empty) spaces and spaces that are available for temporary rent. Headquartered in Belgium, the network is currently expanding to cities in the Netherlands, France, and even outside of Europe. We spoke with Patrice about how matchmaking between spaces and people works, the latest temporary space concepts and the pop-up guide that Spacified will launch this week.

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    Sipke Visser On Doggies And Indie Publishing

    'Doggies' by Sipke Visser

    Sipke Visser is a fine art photographer working and living in London. He just published his second book called Doggies about the London’s dog subculture, which he crowd-funded at Kickstarter. His first book Return to Sender was recently shortlisted for the internationally acclaimed Aperture First Photobook Award. We talked to him about dogs, independent publishing and his ambitions as a photographer.

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    Tracy Metz On Happy Cities

    Still from 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams

    An American by origin, Tracy Metz is an Amsterdam-based journalist and author on urban and spatial issues. She writes for the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad and the weekly magazine the Groene Amsterdammer, focusing on topics such as the city, photography, and architecture, and she is a correspondent for Architectural Record. Besides that, she also hosts a monthly live talkshow called Stadsleven that discusses city life in general and in Amsterdam in particular. We talked to her about the theme of this month’s edition, The Happy City.

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  • We Made It!

    Kickstarter video

    Today, the Pop-Up City book achieved 100% funding on Kickstarter! Before we open up a bottle of champagne to celebrate (don’t worry, we’ll save you some), we need to make sure to thank the most important part of this campaign: YOU! We’re overwhelmed by the response to our Kickstarter campaign. Not only have we raised enough funds to ensure that the book gets published, we managed to do it in only 18 days! That’s pretty cool, folks.

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    Pop It Like It’s Hot!

    Pop-Up City bookmark

    Time for an update! When we posted our last update the Pop-Up City book campaign had just reached the 25% mark, and look where we are now! We really couldn’t have dreamed that we would be at 80% after such a short period of time. It makes us intensely happy to see that so many people are helping us to convince our publisher to bring the book into print. On behalf of all the editors, we’d like to extend a very sincere THANK YOU! You keep us going!

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