Algae Farming On Bangkok Rooftops

EnerGaia rooftop algae farm, Bangkok

In Bangkok local downtown restaurants now serve fresh algae in their meals. The innovative rooftop farmers of EnerGaia have discovered that the rooftops of the city’s skyscrapers are perfect spots for producting the green vitamin-rich power food. Eating slimy green algae is probably not the first thing you think about when you enter a Thai restaurant, but hey, it’s healthy and very local.

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  • Dutch Outlet Supermarket Fights Food Waste

    Outlet Supermarket

    Think ‘outlet store’ and things like outdated fashion, suburban shopping malls and crowded Sunday afternoons pop up in your mind. However, a new outlet supermarket in the Netherlands has become very fashionable by selling food that’s not fashionable any more for half the price.

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  • Urban Foraging — Find Out What Your City Tastes Like

    Urban foraging

    Spring is late in Amsterdam this year, but we can finally see some greenery around the city. Let’s go outside for some urban foraging! Plants growing on the sidewalks that are either an urban wildlife or belong to someone (be it public or individual) may come out to be a great source for your daily nutrients. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts or even snails are only some of the products that one can harvest and enjoy for free.

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    Every Home Is A Restaurant With EatWith


    Everyone can turn their home into a little private restaurant with EatWith, a new web-based service that enables people to rent our their kitchen table to strangers. EatWith gives travelers the opportunity to eat with a local in their homes and experience local culinary traditions. As the founders explain, “being a guest in someone’s home is a great way to get an authentic local perspective in a different city or country”. And that’s what every modern traveler wants, right?

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