Every Home Is A Restaurant With EatWith


Everyone can turn their home into a little private restaurant with EatWith, a new web-based service that enables people to rent our their kitchen table to strangers. EatWith gives travelers the opportunity to eat with a local in their homes and experience local culinary traditions. As the founders explain, “being a guest in someone’s home is a great way to get an authentic local perspective in a different city or country”. And that’s what every modern traveler wants, right?

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  • Farming The City: Food As A Tool For Today’s Urbanisation

    Farming the City

    Seeing an opportunity to unite the wide-ranging efforts of urban farmers worldwide, CITIES Magazine and Trancity have published Farming the City: Food as a Tool for Today’s Urbanization. Farming the City’s mission is to link international activists and thinkers to increase their potential for positive impact on society, actively ‘joining the dots’ between independent initiatives around the world. Farming the City provides a platform for knowledge-sharing, motivation and inspiration for the diversity urban farmers worldwide.

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    Mobile Café In Denver Turns Coffee Into An Urban Strategy

    Public Coffee

    We get really excited when we come across projects that not only feature pop-up urbanism, but also promote alternative models of urban daily life. Public Coffee is a Denver-based collaboration among many interdisciplinary creative parties, such as designers, social artists, educators, coffee visionaries, social workers, businessmen, a farmer’s market director, and an architect. They have decided to take the concept of the coffee shop one step further in indie entrepreneurialism and deeper in society.

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