• Zero Waste Dining

    Zero Waste Dinning

    Brighton’s newest restaurant SILO has adopted an interesting slant on sustainable behaviour by utilizing a pre-industrial food system which generates zero waste. Sounds great,but what does it all mean?

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    Donuts In A Car Wash

    Underwest Donut

    Eateries are constantly popping up in the most unlikely of places, the latest of which calls a car wash its home. Parked inside Westside Highway Car Wash, you will find Underwest Donut where Scott Levine, cake enthusiast, created a mini, pastry paradise after ditching his job as a sous chef.

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  • Benches­Collective Turns Streets Into A Giant Outdoor Café


    Every first Sunday of the month, the BankjesCollectief (BenchesCollective) turns the streets of Amsterdam into the ‘largest’ outdoor café in the world. The owners of the benches decide what they offer and the visitors determine the value afterwards. Of course, the offerings can be food and drinks, but also activities like salsa classes, knitting workshops, and (clothing) swap sessions.

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