Indie Brands: 30 Independent Brands That Inspire And Tell A Story

Indie Brands

Having its main roots in the music ‘industry’, indie culture has spread its philosophy and influence in the entrepreneurial world as well. In her book Indie Brands: 30 Independent Brands that Inspire and Tell a StoryAnneloes van Gaalen seeks to shed a light on the mechanisms and features that make a business independent. The author, who draws her inspiration from the creative world, has interviewed 30 entrepreneurs who decided to make the big leap and lift the challenging and exciting weight of a business on their own shoulders. The characteristics that differentiate an indie brand from other brands are the independent spirit of the creatives, the story behind it and the marketing.

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  • Torre David: Informal Vertical Communities

    Torre David: Informal Vertical Communities

    Torre David is an unfinished skyscraper in the heart of Caracas’ former central business district. 45 floors high it’s the third tallest building in Venezuela. For some reasons the tower has been under construction for over 21 years, and it is unlikely that the building will ever be finished. Nevertheless, the uncompleted tower gives house to over 750 families that squatted the building since 2007 and made it into a huge vertical informal community. The self-organized ‘vertical slum’ that arose is a one-of-a kind urban phenomenon that shines a very interesting light on urban development and its social aspects. Urban Think Tank has written an amazing book about Torre David, one of the world’s largest vertical informal Communities.

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    Factory Towns Of South China

    Factory Towns of South China

    Big names like Rem Koolhaas and John Friedmann give it up for the book Factory Towns of South China, written by the Dutch architect and urban designer Stefan Al. We’ve read it and couldn’t find anything to disagree on. This one-of-a-kind illustrated guide book opens a window on the massive factory towns in China. It provides a cross-disciplinary approach to understand the process of rapid urbanization and industrialization, and delivers unique insights in how life runs from the perspective of the factory worker.

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  • A Recipe Book For DIY Urban Farming


    Antonio Scarponi likes to cook. But only if it does not take more than 20 minutes. Surely, he understands the value of a great recipe book that does not only have great recipes but also explain the process in clear terms. Now being an architect, information designer and a passionate activist for urban farming, he produces the obvious recipe book that was missing from the shelves — a book for building your own micro-infrastructures for urban farming in easy steps using readily available IKEA components. The project, named ELIOOO, plans to develop an instruction book for building and configuring indoor (can be kept outside too) hydroponic systems for growing herbs, vegetables etc. Scarponi and his team also plans to build some of the systems described in the book and make them ready-to-order in case some urban farmers are in real hurry. The project is on display at Indiegogo and looking forward to crowdsource sufficient funds to begin developing the book and devices.

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