A Tiny House Village In A Parking Garage

  • In an attempt to explore concepts for urban micro-living, students of the Savannah College of Art & Design’s Atlanta branch have built a temporary tiny house village inside the parking garage of their campus’s main building.

    The students, together with professors and alumns, have designed and built three 135-square-foot ‘SCADpads’ — fully equipped micro-dwellings that fit the size of a standard parking space. The pop-up parking garage village also contains communal open areas, such as a Groovebox community garden, a living room, and work spaces.

    SCADpad SCADpad SCADpad

    Exploring ways to develop flexible and low-cost housing in underused parking decks in high-density urban areas, the SCADpad project aims to push the boundaries of urban living. The designers have calculated that SCAD’s parking garage in Atlanta could accommodate up to 400 micro-homes.

    SCADpad SCADpad SCADpad

    The designers themselves have lived in the parking garage for one week in order to find out if their SCADpads are livable. Check out this blog or the #SCADpad hashtag on Twitter in case you’re interested in their findings.