Wednesday 14 November: PechaKucha Amsterdam #23

Ladies and gentlemen! Come along at Trouw on Wednesday 14 November for a new mind-blowing edition of PechaKucha Amsterdam! Expect fascinating ideas, stories and doses of inspiration by twelve enlightened minds, bound by the world-famous rule of 20 slides x 20 seconds.

Presenters at this edition are Aynouk Tan, Ikenna Azuike (What’s Up Africa), Omar Kbiri, Natasha Tastaschova, Lieske Schreuder, Olaf Mooij, Daan Weddepohl (Peerby), Samuel Vriezen, Tessa Koot, Rogier Wieland, The Stone Twins, and Nadine Hottenrott. Dive into the worlds of creative Africa, avant-garde fashion, the peer-to-peer economy, designing with snails, and much, much more…

Brain Car by Olaf Mooij

Breaks will be filled with funky tunes and lovely visuals by Dropsnor & Vleesboom. Tickets are sold at the door and online. Click here to buy a presale ticket!