We Curated An Exhibition About The City Of The Future

Last winter the Museon in The Hague asked Pop-Up City to co-curate a summer exhibition about the city of the future. The result is an exhibition that tells an inspiring story about the major developments and ideas that re-shape cities and life within cities in the coming decades. We’re proud of it.

#cityofthefuture, or ‘#stadvandetoekomst’ in Dutch, aims to be not yet another showcase of futuristic urban speculations. Rather, it deals with current urban trends that are already happening now. The exhibition playfully takes the visitor on a journey through themes like new urban lifestyles, technological street innovations, emerging economic models, and ground-breaking ideas on food production. Bringing Pop-Up City to actual life, design agency Concern has given the exhibition the look-and-feel of an interactive urban construction site that consists of an inspiration quarter and a DIY quarter. Exhibition visitors will find a real-life ‘Sim City’ to which they can contribute themselves, a fab lab with architecture and 3D printing workshops, a Pop-Up City theater and a functioning aquaponics system that uses fish to cultivate edible plants, amongst many other things.

#cityofthefuture #cityofthefuture

Before #cityofthefuture was opened on June 20th, a series of workshops held all over The Hague had brought academics, architects, industrial designers, students and idealistic young entrepreneurs together to discuss issues like mobility, democracy and justice, urban play, the sharing economy, nomadic living, and climate change, which served as a preparatory platform for the exhibit. The results from these workshops laid the foundation for the exhibit’s content and are now on display. #cityofthefuture will be on show at the Museon until October 27th.

#cityofthefuture #cityofthefuture

Click here for a photo set on Facebook. You’re allowed to freely use the photos, but be sure to mention Gilian Schrofer (Concern) as photographer. Please contact us in case you have any more questions about the exhibit!