Urban Bouldering With A View

Most of us know what bouldering is, right? Climbing up a 20-meter high wall fully covered with colorful holes and blocks, often in a warm and sweaty sportshall. Well, if you’re a bouldering fan looking for a new experience and you happen to be in New York, you should definitely check this out.

Located at the foot of New York’s Manhattan Bridge, DUMBO Boulders is North-America’s largest outdoor bouldering park. With its 3.5-meter high walls and various climbing routes, the bouldering structure offers space for up to 50 climbers at the same time, while another 300 can wait on the ground. Due to its used materials, the park is ‘weather-proof’, although it will (probably) be closed during winter season when it’s simply too cold to climb. And, the best part of it all? The view! With its location, you’re being offered a breathtaking view on parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

DUMBO Boulders DUMBO Boulders

The New York-based installation is the result of a partnership between Brooklyn Bridge Park and The Cliffs, and fits a growing trend fusing recreation and public health. Bouldering is a great exercise, as it demands a lot of flexibility and one uses all major muscle groups while climbing. A good exercise while enjoying one of the best views of New York will only cost you $9! Not too shabby, eh?