Increasing numbers of young urbanites are moving to the countryside. Can shrinking regions benefit from this trend? With support from the Creative Industries Fund NL, we’re exploring post-urban living and rural futures.

Your Year in Loitz

German Village Offers City Dwellers One Year Free Living

In an attempt to attract city dwellers to the countryside, the German village of Loitz is offering free housing and income for a year.

Summer of Pioneers

German Town Invites Urban Nomads to Trial Rural Living

Increasing numbers of young urbanites are leaving the city. This creates new opportunities for rural regions. A German town invited 20 digital nomads to trial countryside living — furnished accommodation and coworking space included.

Cheap Old Houses

Instagram Channel Helps City-Leavers Find Their Dream House in the Countryside

Has this Instagram account Cheap Old Houses sparked a revival of unique, old (and cheap!) houses and saved the American architecture of times gone by?

China Countryside

How China Is Reimagining Its Countryside in Architecture

The countryside is emerging as a new frontier of experimental architecture in China.

China Countryside

How China Is Reimagining Its Countryside in Pop Culture

The future is urban? Pop culture and architectural trends in China seem to suggest otherwise. This is the first article of a two-part series discussing the ways in which Chinese society is reimagining the countryside.

Outside Society

Outside Society Takes the Office Into the Wilderness

Outside Society offers you the opportunity to change your work environment completely with their mobile spaces placed in inspiring spots in the middle of nature.

Je m'appelle Brabant

Find Your Focus in This Countryside Co-Living Community

Urban co-living and co-working network Je m'appelle has spread its wings to the countryside. It recently opened its third location in the southern Dutch province of North Brabant.

Welcome to Winona

Welcome to Winona: Squarespace Celebrates Small Town in Superbowl Ad

Webhosting company Squarespace pays tribute to the birthplace and namesake town of actress Winona Ryder with a beautiful multimedia campaign.

Cloud Citadel

This Retreat in the French Alps Brings Co-Working to the Clouds

Cloud Citadel, a 19th-century house in French Alps, offers a comfortable co-living space for mountain-loving digital nomads and remote workers.


Conquering the Housing Crisis, Amsterdam Now Promotes Suburban Living

The City of Amsterdam has created a mapping tool to present the housing opportunities within an hour travel distance from the Dutch capital.

Danish Farm Becomes a Playground for Urban Creatives

Urban creatives are flocking to the countryside to (re)discover creative freedom and focus. Far from Copenhagen, a renovated farmhouse is providing space for events and artistic explorations.

City Quitters: Creative Pioneers Pursuing Post-Urban Life

In her book City Quitters, author Karen Rosenkranz interviews more than 20 creatives who have left the city to start a new life in the countryside.