Brand Urbanism

A growing number of consumer brands are investing in the city, working together with cities to find solutions for urban issues. In a time of austerity, brand urbanism provides local governments with more possibilities in realizing ambitious projects, while giving brands a one-off opportunity to show their involvement in and responsibility for the city.

This Bright Blue Sports Court Turns Dull Lot Into Vibrant Community Space

In the neighbourhood of Valle de Chalco, one of Mexico-City’s most marginalised areas, architecture firm All Arquitectura designed a brand-new community space, with a popping bright blue sports court at its core.

Reebok Reimagines Gas Stations as Fitness Hubs

With their Get Pumped campaign, sports brand Reebok and design firm Gensler conceptualize what the gas stations of the future may look like.

The Brand Is In Your Court

Nike and Pigalle have created vibrant public spaces by redesigning basketball courts through the application of 'Brand Urbanism'.

Toyota’s New Billboard Campaign Cleans The Air

Car brand Toyota launches a series of 37 air-purifying billboards on the American west coast.

Virtual Downtown Running, Sponsored By Nike

Nike has created an enormous sole-shaped running track in downtown Manila that lets you run against your virtual self.

Portland Becomes Biketown With The Help Of Nike

Users of Portland's bike-sharing system will soon be traveling the city on a Nike-branded bike, thanks to a $10 million deal between the City of Portland and the Oregon-based sportswear brand.

Fly Over London In An Emirates-Sponsored Cable Car

Airline carrier Emirates offers a special 'flying' experience to Londoners and visitors of the British capital as the company has teamed up with Transport for London (TfL) to build and operate a cable car service close to the city's O2 Arena.

Nike Launches On-Demand Laser Beam Street Football Pitch

Over the last years, Nike's campaigns have proven that the sportswear brand seems to take its role in the urban environment seriously. About a month ago Nike launched another neat concept in Madrid: an on-demand laser beam installation that turns any public space into a street football pitch.

Candy Bar Explains It Once Again: Bucharest Is Not Budapest!

Did you know that Bucharest is not Budapest? Although there are plenty of differences between the capital of Romania and the capital of neighboring country Hungary, it seems to be hard to not confuse the two cities. That's why the Romanian candy bar brand ROM came up with a campaign to make clear once and for all that Bucharest is something different than Budapest.

Smart Billboards Double As Urban Furniture

IBM has launched a clever series of billboards that double as urban furniture. Three different billboards that promote the company's People for Smarter Cities program are designed to sit on, to take cover under when it rains or to pull your bags over instead of carrying them.

Sidewalk Billboards Double As Furnished Walls For Houses

HomePro, one of the biggest household hardware and furniture stores in Thailand, came up with a rather remarkable ad campaign. As a part of the recently launched Other Side campaign, the company designed and created sidewalk billboards that double as walls for small houses.

Belgian Brewery Provides Night Buses in Ghent

The municipal government of Ghent decided to collaborate with De Koninck beer brewery to maintain the public transport service at night.